About Bibis Sweet Poe


To spread joy and appreciation in the simpler things in life that God gave us.

Meet Bibi

Bibi, short for Bibianna, is my mom. A lot of baking went on in our kitchen growing up. With having to bake bread twice most weeks to feed eight siblings, and fulfilling many catering requests, the plan was to one day open a Bibi’s bakery. However, after taking care of so many children and grandchildren, the bakery plans never launched.

I felt this desire to share this taste with everyone

Sharing the love

I remember the first time I tasted Sweet Potato pudding. It was on a visit to some family friends who owned a farm in the countryside of Grenada. I love it so much that I started planting sweet potatoes in our backyard garden so that my mother could make it more often. Before long, I started making it myself. It was then, as a young child, I felt this desire to share this taste with everyone.

I later immigrated to the United States from Grenada to attend university. I continued making pudding for my friends or events when requested. I would always get friends to come over when I made pudding, no matter how far they lived.

I have all confidence it was going to be a hit

For my very first home dinner date with my then girlfriend (now wife), I elected to make this dessert for her,knowing that’s the best thing I could bake. In haste or anxiety or butterflies, I meant to set the oven timer for 50:00, not realizing it was 500F. It was badly charred, but was a hit. She was intrigued by it, but was confused when I said pudding. I told her my plans of making it a business one day, and she immediately stated that we needed a name change because pudding was a little confusing. The name Sweet Poe was then born.

Our hope is that our pudding would put you in that happy place, whether that’s memories of your Caribbean heritage or just wanting to experience more of the Caribbean.

Thank you for visiting us.

Try our pudding today and invite your friends and family over.